What is Integral Coaching®?

Integral coaching provides support in setting and reaching goals, navigating change and building your ability to respond mindfully to your world and your relationships, rather than react unconsciously from habit.

The Integral approach
Our approach is inclusive and considers the domains of insight, emotion and action, social and cultural influences, impact of the immediate environment and presence of relationships with others. Why? Because we believe that long term behaviour change is rooted in understanding ourselves, our world and how what we do keeps us away from the life we want to live. The coaching process helps you to see what you haven’t seen before and to focus on what’s important.

The coaching process
Coach and client work together in a creative process to explore how thoughts, emotions and patterns of action shape experiences, and how our motivation is driven by the underlying structure of our world view and assumptions. By becoming more aware we get greater insight into ourselves and we discover new possibilities for how we inhabit the world, how we work, relate to others and find meaning. Change becomes possible.

Coaching topics
Integral Coaching works effectively with a range of topics including navigating life transitions, creating balance, enriching relationships, improving job satisfaction and performance, and addressing barriers to success.  It is suitable for individuals at all stages of life and career.